Mick Gray grew up wanting to be an artist and car designer.  At the suggestion of his father, Mick became a draftsman, getting on the job training at 16 and an Associates Degree in Technical Illustration at 20. He created spec sheets, illustrated textbooks and designed packaging for electronics companies. In his early 20s he started his own business, Draftecnix.  It was by a sheer twist of fate that he became a comic book inker.  In 1988 his best friend suggested him to local comic book publisher, Dan Vado of Slave Labor Graphics. On a whim Mick brought down his portfolio of technical illustrations.  He was instantly hired to ink backgrounds like buildings and cars on SLG books such as Hero Sandwich, The Griffin and Bloodlust.

When Dan’s book The Griffin was recreated by DC Comics, Mick was asked to assist the new inker, Mark McKenna.  This began a 6 year partnership and intensive training at both DC and Marvel Comics. Mick assisted other inkers for years before gaining the confidence to get his own projects.  Soon editors at Marvel and DC were calling him.

Mick is an Eisner Award winning inker and has worked continuously for DC comics for over 25 years on projects such as Son Of Superman hardcover (J.H. Williams III), Supergirl And The Legion Of Super-Heroes (Barry Kitson), Zatanna (Ryan Sook), Promethea (J.H. Williams III), Batman Confidential (Rags Morales), Teen Titans Go! (Alexander Serra), The JOKER hardcover (Lee Bermejo), JSA: Kingdom Come (Fernando Pasarin and Dale Eaglesham), The Shield (Marco Rudy), Batman & Robin, Robin: Son of Batman and Superman (Patrick Gleason) and Wonder Woman (Cary Nord).

In 2009 Mick self- published his first children’s book, Al B. Mouse’s Abecedarium, which is available through Amazon.

Mick’s latest project is inking Barry Kitson on the soon to be published 100 page book, Liberty Brigade, for Thrilling Nostalgia.

At the moment, Mick is inking James Harvey on his graphic novel adaption of Pete Townshend’s LIFEHOUSE rock opera, for Heavy Metal.

Mick is also a GIANT music fan. He started his own music interview podcast in 2016 called, THE DEEP CUT.