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SiliCon 2022
Savage MakerVerse

This year’s theme is Create the Improbable. “Our goal is to bring together people who have long histories of creating, from filmmakers and actors, to artists, authors, engineers, scientists, technologists, and makers to share their creativity and enthusiasm.” – Adam Savage

Silicon with adam savage

Welcome to the Savage MakerVerse!

With former Mythbusters host Adam Savage at the helm as Creative Director, and a dedicated 4500 sq. foot makerspace on the show floor, SiliCon stands out from the rest as the “Maker’s Con”. We’re calling this realm the Savage MakerVerse and it will be buzzing with activities for makers of all ages and experience levels!

Bring your friends, family, or school group, and join us for a fun-filled weekend of speed-build challenges, skill-building maker workshops, and of course, cosplay design contests! We’ve gathered some of the biggest names in cosplay, props, and model-making from around the country to share their insider knowledge with SiliCon!

Check out our star-studded lineup and reserve your spot for a hands-on workshop or Maker Kit Box below. Most activities you can join for free, and this is just the beginning! Stay tuned as more projects and presentations are added over the next few weeks.

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    It’s all happening HERE!

    Silicon with adam savage

    Savage MakerVerse Workstations

    The center of the MakerVerse will host a dozen work tables (120 person capacity!) and all the supplies you need to build along with the pros, or create something totally unique in a shared workshop setting. Attendees will have access to a variety of tools and materials: plenty of EVA foam, felt, string, paint, and glue, cutting tools, and wearable electronics – all provided by some of our favorite maker-suppliers, Digi-Key Electronics, Blick Art Materials,SKS Props,Raspberry Pi Foundation, and Surebonder

    Free and fun for all ages! 

      Silicon with adam savage

      Maker Stage

      Meet and learn from the pros – including some of your maker heroes – through a series of project demonstrations and discussion panels on the Maker Stage, such as: “Blockbuster Effects for Indie Filmmakers”, “Greeblies, Kit-Bashing”, or step inside an 80s video game and play real life ‘Punch-Out!’.

      All Maker Stage presentations are free and family-friendly!

        Silicon with adam savage

        Speed Build Challenges

        Test your maker chops with a design challenge focused on a single material: (day 1) armature wire, (day 2) cardboard. Contestants will be provided with a limited kit of tools and materials to make something from scratch while they race the clock, and their opponents! Are you game? Each winner will receive a prize pack from our sponsors.

        Also free, and fun for families, teams, or individual makers! Registration required.

          Silicon with adam savage

          Cosplay Design Contest: “Create the Improbable” Costume Mashup

          Now’s your chance to flex those DIY cosplay skills and break out your best puns! Contestants will be provided with a full kit of tools and materials, and have two days to design and build a unique – and hilarious – cosplay mashup piece. Think outside the box and impress the panel of pro-cosplay judges, and you might just take home one of three spectacular prize packs, awarded on the Maker Stage!

          Free to participate and geared towards teens and adults. Registration required.

            Silicon with adam savage

            Hands-on Maker Workshops

            Try out new tools and techniques in a series of intensive, skill-building workshops hosted by some of the most talented makers we know! Build your own Cyberpunk Goggles with pre-cut foam pattern pieces, or disguise an inexpensive starter object to make a Cyberpunk Headset. You can take your foamsmithing to the next level with a workshop on texturing EVA foam, or get messy and perfect your foam finishing at “Sand Camp”! 

            Geared towards teens and adults. Registration and additional materials fees required.


              Silicon with adam savage

              Cosplay Construction + Repair Station

              Cosplay wardrobe malfunction? Stumped by a prop upgrade you’ve been dreaming of? Stop by the Cosplay Construction + Repair station for all your costume troubleshooting needs, plus the tools and materials to make those mods on-the-fly! Expert staff from Blick Art Materials and the pros at SKS Props will be on hand to help, as well as drop-in hours with other pro maker guests at scheduled times throughout the weekend.

              Free and family-friendly!

                Silicon with adam savage

                Maker Museum

                Our pro maker guests have literally hundreds of years of industry experience between them – and with credits such as Star Wars, Jurassic Park, the Marvel Universe, Make Magazine, Hackaday, and even the National Air and Space Museum, they have a lot to share! Get a close-up look at some of their favorite personal projects and prototypes on display in the Maker Museum.

                Free and family-friendly!

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